This Woman Looks EXACTLY Like Elsa Come to Life

Even though Frozen came out in 2013 (yes . . . really), we’re still obsessed with everything about it. It’s not just the incredible soundtrack; we can’t get enough of the intricate braids and the wintry makeup. We knew we weren’t the only ones to have a serious case of Frozen fever (sorry, had to!), but we’re really impressed by Brazilian veterinarian Andressa Damiani, who took her love of cartoons – and Elsa in particular – to the next level.

According to The Mirror, Andressa grew up being teased for her doll-like appearance, but once she reached her 20s, she embraced her looks. She now plays up her delicate features and enormous eyes with subtle makeup and contact lenses and almost exclusively wears pastel colors. This has led to complete strangers calling her Elsa in passing.

“I love when people compare me to dolls or Disney’s Elsa on the street now,” she said. “I really identify with her character.”

While you may think this is a little bizarre, Andressa believes that by ditching society’s beauty expectations, she’s become a stronger person. “Looking like a human doll has helped my self-esteem,” she explained. “Feeling pretty and confident is important and not as futile as some may think. I feel pretty this way.” Read on to see more photos of her!


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