Essie’s Retro Revival Collection Brings 6 Discontinued Favorites Back to Life

The only thing worse than waiting for a beauty product to be restocked (looking at you, Lip Kit by Kylie!) is discovering that it’s been discontinued. Failing to hoard a limited-edition favorite and realizing it’s gone forever is completely devastating. It’s especially problematic with nail polish; you can only thin out an old, beloved lacquer so many times until it’s unusable. The good people over at Essie understand your plight. In honor of its 35th anniversary, the company is bringing six of your favorite formulas back to life with its Retro Revival collection.


The brand launched in 1981 with just 12 options, including Birthday Suit, a delicate nude. This polish is just one of the sextet of shades being released from the Essie vault in January 2016. Each varnish will be brought back for a limited time with a star-studded cap, inspired by the vintage marquee of Vegas’s Stardust casino.


Though we may have more than 250 Essie polishes to choose from these days, we are still super psyched to see these discontinued colors make a comeback. Read on to see five of your revived faves. Wondering about shade number six? The last lacquer being unearthed from the annals of Essie’s history will be revealed on Dec. 10, so stay tuned to find out which one of your must-have hues made the cut.


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