50 Holiday Nail Art Ideas That Will Put You in a Celebratory Mood

Remember when you were in middle school and felt so excited to coordinate your colored braces bands with upcoming events? Well, holiday nail art is kind of like that – except without the eternal embarrassment of family photos. And, thankfully, we’re trading middle school dances for chic corporate parties.

From glittery polish to intricate picture detailing, there’s a nail-art technique that will let you express your enthusiasm about the upcoming season . . . and show off your skills.

For beginners, we don’t suggest starting with something that requires complex layers or a full set of tools. Instead, ease into it, choosing designs which include motifs like circles and textured glitter. For more seasoned nail artists, the holidays are the ideal time for putting your abilities – and, more importantly, creativity – to the test. A level of sparkle and color that may otherwise be considered a bit over the top is totally acceptable in the name of holiday spirit. So take advantage of the opportunity to go all-out with reverse ombré under designs and 3D effects.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve picked out our favorite 50 looks for this year – spanning all holidays, symbols, themes, and shades. Keep reading to discover your next party-nail look!


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