Watch a Victoria’s Secret Model Go From Bare Faced to Dolled Up

Backstage before the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, lead makeup artist Dick Page was shaking his head. “We’ve got some naughty Angels who are sneaking off and doing things,” he mused.

We asked him to clarify.

“The girls sneak off and they contour!” he joked. “They just ignore me. They’re naughty, they’re bad. But mostly, if I had my way, it would be they just look really fresh and healthy. They’re wearing wings for Christ’s sake. They’re wearing wings, and bras, and panties. It’s a spectacle, but there should be honesty about the beauty.”

This was not Dick’s first time heading up the makeup for the show, so he felt comfortable kidding around. Before these bad-girl Angels added their own flair, he gave them all romantic no-makeup makeup looks.

“There’s nothing graphic or sharp about it,” he said of this year’s inspiration. “Everything is transparent.”

He was also influenced by this year’s diverse crew of models. “There’s a great table of girls – a great range racially and stylistically. It is a nice broad spectrum, so I don’t really want to screw that up,” he said.

Keep reading to learn how to DIY the makeup from this year’s show, all illustrated by Dick on model Flavia Lucini.


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