How to Get the Oversize Braid From Pinterest Without a Weave

Step 1: you see an amazing, fat braid you love on Pinterest (that would look so good on you). Step 2: you attempt to DIY the style at home (you’re optimistic). Step 3: you end up with a limp, tangled version of what was supposed to be a dutch braid (grrr). We’ve just described every time we try to do something other than a basic ponytail to our hair.

Why do bloggers’ braids look fabulous and yours fall flat? Extensions. Yes, your favorite looks often require a few clip-ins to achieve that thick, chunky appearance, but not this side dutch braid. This is one plait you can create without the added help of weave.

The key to getting this voluminous, 3D look is all in the way you loosen the twisted style. If you’ve ever tried to fatten up a plait, you know it can go from fluffed to frizzy with just one wrong tug. T3 celebrity hairstylist David Lopez, who has worked with stars like Chrissy Teigen, breaks down his technique ahead.

Makeup by Maya Calhoun of Stylisted.


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