How to Get Gorgeous Waves With Every Hot Tool You Own

There is only one hairstyle on Pinterest that’s more popular than braids – and that’s waves. Every woman we meet is obsessed with getting her natural texture to look like that of a carefree model. But here’s the trick: you actually have to work to get the beachy texture you’ve added to your hair envy boards.

Yes, it’s true that some women do wake up with beautiful bedhead. We fall more on the matted, tangled, knotted side of things at 6 a.m. in the morning. Luckily, a hot tool – any hot tool – can create the desired effect. Whether you’re going for the sleek, glamorous waves you pinned from the red carpet or the reckless crimps seen on your favorite street style star, heat is the key to re-creating the style.

We teamed up with Chrissy Teigen’s hairstylist David Lopez to demonstrate five different wave techniques, using three separate tools. So even if you only have a blow dryer and a can of dry shampoo, you can get the best hair of your life.


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