These Empowering Photos Will Inspire You to Go Barefaced

Those of us with lengthy work commutes know the benefit of applying morning makeup during that travel time. Who knew that we could inspire artwork? Photographer Steve Osemwenkhae was on his way to the office via the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority when he saw an older woman making up her undone face. It was then that Osemwenkhae decided to capture natural beauty on film, and his “No Makeup” series was created.

Originally this project was meant to be a small showcase of five women, including a barefaced portrait of each accompanied by their thoughts about makeup. However, Osemwenkhae was inspired to expand his photography series to feature over 100 women of all ages and ethnicities.

“I want everyone to have their own voice when it comes to the narrative of beauty,” he told The Huffington Post. He is currently working on a book dedicated to the “No Makeup” project.

While we loved reading what these women had to say about cosmetics, we were especially struck by how beautiful each of them were without it, and we were even moved to skip foundation after seeing the images.

“Beauty is more than over-the-counter purchases,” Osemwenkhae explained. “It is a natural possession that should be embraced.” Read on to see some of the beautiful shots, complete with the subjects’ feelings about makeup, then visit the project’s website to see more.


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