This Rock ‘n’ Roll Couple’s Extreme Makeover Will Make You Cry

We all know someone who could use a bit of a style update, but the friends of Tim and Wendy White found it necessary to stage an intervention. The duo referred to themselves as “the rock and roll couple” due to their extremely lengthy locks (and the fact that Tim was a bass guitarist).

The Whites appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003, where they confessed that they hadn’t gotten haircuts for decades – Wendy’s enormous, matronly bun had been growing since 1992, while her husband hadn’t touched his strands since 1985. Oprah and her team gave them two major makeovers. The incredible transformation that follows will make you cry. Sure, they look like completely different people, but the Whites’ love for one another is what really got our tears flowing.

After the two see each other, they can’t stop hugging and kissing. Their new looks seem to have reignited their passion. Unfortunately, this love story has a sad ending. Tim passed away in 2008 after a massive heart attack at the young age of 48. Wendy has since grown out her hair again and joined her husband’s band. While she is devastated by her loss, she is glad that the world got to see how much they loved each other. “I wish everybody could express the way they feel about the ones they love like that.” Prepare for your midweek cry!


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