6 Products 1 Dude Swears Help to Heal Chafing

There are plenty of things we as men love about Summer: warm weather, barbecues, drinking outside with friends, music festivals, and ladies showing off their gym-toned bodies. You get the idea. But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t address one of the Summer’s definite downsides. Yes, we are referring to the man’s problem known as gooch-related chafing.

Ever seen a dude squirming as he attempts to adjust his man parts without looking like a slob? That’s gooch chafe. It’s not so much that chafing can ruin an entire day for a guy, but it most certainly can make an otherwise fun one extremely uncomfortable. To that end, I decided to explore the different options available out there to alleviate this disastrous dilemma. From powders to ointments and sprays, there are plenty of solutions to solve the gooch-chafing conundrum. Keep reading to check out my reviews of six different products that actually relieve this problem.


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