This Is All the Makeup You Need to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Even if you aren’t obsessed with Kim Kardashian and her sisters like I am, it is impossible to deny that the reality star is one of the most stunningly gorgeous celebrities of our time. While a lot of her beauty is owed to genetics (I mean, that bone structure) and a few enhancements (lasers, injectables, Fraxel), her buddy and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is responsible for a lot of the magic we’ve seen on red carpets, in magazines, and in those flawless selfies. The power duo teamed up recently for a makeup master class in Pasadena, CA, filling an auditorium with fans and aspiring artists from around the world. (Above is the mesmerizing before and after from the event.)

Writer Arabelle Sicardi attended the event for Racked. Not only did she learn about the intricate details of the partnership between the two of them (Mario has done Kim’s makeup while she sobbed – he reapplies around the tears and snot), but she was there as Mario broke down every single step of the go-to routine for his muse.

As both a product hoarder and a Kim fan, I was absolutely riveted by the list and hope to re-create the look to the best of my ability at home. Unfortunately, Sicardi explains how difficult it will be. She said much of the four hours of the master class was dedicated to blending, and Mario didn’t give away all of his secrets. He didn’t reveal the lip color he uses (instead, he applies a bespoke blend of five Tom Ford lipsticks), her awesome highlight was courtesy of an as-of-yet unreleased product, and he failed to disclose the false-lash styles he custom-layered on Kim.

Let’s be honest – it will be hard to come close to the level of mastery that Mario has, especially when it comes to doing Kim’s makeup. But for those of us out there who have been dying to know what mascara she uses or what lip liner will get us the perfectly defined cupid’s bow, this list of products feels like a major sneak peek into the Kardashian world. Read on to shop the products.


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