The Grandmother-Approved Makeup Trend That’s Making a Huge Comeback

If you follow a lot of makeup artists on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve likely noticed a spike in powder application (note Kim Kardashian above). That’s all due to a trend called baking.

Baking isn’t new – it’s been used for years in the drag community, but thanks to a spike in highlighting and contouring, the technique is getting some attention. Also known as baking, the method is similar to highlighting, but without using any shimmer. Here’s how it’s done: After applying foundation and concealer, use a damp makeup sponge to pat a thick coat of powder on areas that you want to look brighter. Try underneath your eye, along the top of your jawbone, and down the center of your nose (places where you’d ordinarily highlight). After letting the powder sit for five to 10 minutes, dust it away with a fluffy brush.

Thanks to baking, you’ll look chiseled all night – not only does the powder highlight your features, it sets your foundation. Keep reading to see how it’s done and to shop the best products for a perfectly cooked complexion.


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