This Expensive Lip Trend Is a Permanent Solution to Getting #KylieJennerLips

It’s no surprise that when you search #lipliner on Instagram, images of Kylie Jenner dominate. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner is responsible for the mega beauty moment that lips are having, and it’s evident that more people are wanting in on her look. From lip suction techniques to injections, fans are going to great lengths to mimic that signature full pout. Another procedure rising in popularity? Lip liner tattooing.

Similar to permanent eyeliner, brows, and other cosmetic tattooing, lip lining is a less drastic alternative to fillers that outlines and shapes your lips for a fuller look. Various pinks are blended to either match one’s natural tone or darkened for definition, eliminating the need to line or shape before applying lipstick or gloss. Sounds convenient, but the procedure nonetheless has its drawbacks.

Let’s start with the cost. Although your lip liner can last up to a decade with this semipermanent solution, the initial treatment can range around $1,000, plus or minus a couple hundred. And that’s before any touch-ups that are required every few years.

Just like any other tattoo, it’s painful during the process and after. After three to five days of healing, your lips will scab and peel to reveal their new outline. Not to mention there are horror stories of patients who are stuck with botched, uneven lips. Yes, you’ll save some money on lip liner purchases and you’ll no longer have to retouch throughout the day, but is it really worth it? Take our poll here to weigh in.


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