This Video of Hair Being Transformed Into a Hat Will Blow Your Mind

If you’ve ever doubted that styling hair is indeed a true form of art, then this GIF will settle those doubts. This stylist took his creativity beyond dyeing rainbow strands and forming detailed updos to create a life-size fascinator (similar to the ones worn by the royals) completely out of the model’s blond mane.

The incredible time lapse shows him starting by separating a section of hair into a pinwheel shape, then teasing and molding her tresses to form the base of a hat. He then pulls in various loops and directions to create a brim and completes it with a dramatic floral accent. The finished result is fascinating!

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Why You Should Spend New Year’s Eve Alone

On a personal note, 2015 was really shitty for me. I felt like my life was falling apart, I made really poor decisions, I spent time with some Very Bad Men. It wasn’t all bad, of course. My female friendships flourished and deepened this past year. (Funny how that happens in times of Very Bad …

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Superfan Pays Homage to Kylie Jenner With Giant Lip Kit Tattoo

Sure, you’re a huge fan of Kylie Jenner, but how far would you go to prove you’re her biggest fan? You’ve already purchased her controversial Lip Kit, you tried plumping your pout like hers, and you’ve even rocked rainbow hair to get her look. But would you get a huge Kylie-themed tattoo?

That’s exactly what superfan Johnny Cyrus did: after snagging his Candy K lip kit, he was inspired to pay homage to it by permanently decorating his arm with the packaging’s artwork. He documented the entire process on his Instagram account, from conception to finished product. You may have noticed that the pigment on the tattoo isn’t an exact match to Candy K, but is more of a red hue. “It was too close to my skin color and I wouldn’t be able to see it,” Cyrus explained.

This isn’t his first Kylie-related tattoo – he also has a large “K” topped with a crown inked on his wrist. His Instagram profile declares that “Kylie Jenner is [his] religion” and he frequently wears a shirt that says “Kylie Is My Fave.”

Cyrus seems to be dealing with a lot of rude comments regarding his ink, with many Instagram users saying the tattoo artist did a poor job. But he’s unbothered by the haters, and slammed them on an Instagram post showcasing his new body art. “For everyone who’s saying that the artist did a sh*tty job, y’all are clearly blind!!!” He added, “f*ck the haters. I don’t care what anyone says. I love my tattoo and I think it’s dope.” Read on to get a closer look at his piece!

I Challenged Myself to Complete #12LipsOfChristmas Because I’m Afraid of Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, I’m a very simple girl. My beauty routine in the morning consists of concealer – for those genetic and perpetual under-eye bags (thanks, Dad) – a little bit of bronzing powder to give my pale Winter skin some life, and a swipe of mascara. On my way out the door, the only thought I give to my lips – my always-dry lips – is that I should hit them with some chapstick. Never lipstick.


I had a conversation about my “fear” of lipstick – the bold colors, awkward smudging, getting weird looks from the general public because my teeth are red – with our beauty editors, and I could see the glimmer of excitement in their eyes almost immediately. At their first chance, they presented me with a lipstick challenge to attempt to make me a convert, and the rest is history.


Toward the middle of December, the hashtag #12LipsOfChristmas began popping up all over social media, and it was then that my challenge was born: wear 12 different “holiday” (I put that in quotes because clearly I have a lot to learn – how is dark purple Christmassy?!) shades in 12 days and report back on my general findings.

Hilary Duff’s Long Hair Is So Yesterday



Hilary Duff debuted a new look on Instagram! Seen with her stylist, who was wielding a large pair of scissors, Hilary posted a photo showing just how short she decided to go. Stylist Cynthia Vanis seems to have taken off a lofty amount – the proof is on her Instagram page.


While we’re used to style changes that turn out to be faux cuts (like Gigi Hadid’s) and temporary color jobs (like Kylie Jenner’s wigs), this appears to be the real deal.



@cynthiavanis ✂️✂️✂️


A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on Dec 18, 2015 at 10:32pm PST



So what do you think of Hil’s new look? We love a good cropped cut, and she pulls it off flawlessly.

Parisiennes Share Their Tried-and-True Hair, Makeup, and Skin Care Secrets

I’m not going to lie; I moved to Paris for all the cliché reasons – the sophistication, the culture, and the grandiosity that can make anyone feel just a little bit royal. Of course, there’s also Paris’s beauty – in its cityscape and in its people. So when I decided to explore global beauty standards for my docu-series, Pretty, Paris was the first place I started. In a nutshell, Pretty is a look at beauty everywhere. I’ve been traveling to cities across the globe, namely Paris, Milan, London, Tel Aviv, and Casablanca, speaking with women about their country’s and city’s beauty ideals and their own relationship with beauty.


Beauty in Paris


Effortless. If you ask almost anyone in Paris what it means to be beautiful, the word effortless will surely come up, which was exactly the case when I spoke with natives Sonia, Carole, and Sarah. They each explained that French beauty is very natural and inconspicuous. Even if you spend a lot of time on your appearance, you have to look as though you didn’t. In terms of physical characteristics, Sonia explained that the ideal French woman is tall and thin with somewhat regular features.


Many Parisians sum up this archetype with a commonly used expression: “la petite Parisienne” – a woman who acts as though her appearance doesn’t matter but pays attention to every detail of it. She wears Adidas Stan Smith sneakers with oversize coats and drinks red wine. However, despite looking beautifully understated, locals know that she’s got a number of beauty secrets in her arsenal. Thankfully for us in the States, Sonia, Sarah, and Carole shared some of theirs.

Demi Lovato’s 12 Beauty Tips to Feel More Confident Every Day

Meeting Demi Lovato felt like chatting with an edgy Disney princess. She was kind and warm, yet she has that badass, girl-power attitude. When it comes to her style, the popstar is gorgeous with luminous skin, beautiful brown doe eyes, and a megawatt smile. Her pretty-girl makeup was juxtaposed by a chin-length, tousled brunette bob – which we know is tame compared to some of her rainbow-bright dye jobs.

But what makes Demi a standout in the young Hollywood crowd is her determination to empower women. Through her lyrics, inspiring quotes, and openness about her own struggles, she acknowledges that no one is perfect – not even celebrities. Demi’s latest hit song, “Confident,” sings this point home with messages like: “I used to hold my freak back. Now I’m letting go. I make my own choice. Yeah I run this show.” Who are we to disagree?

Perhaps this inner and outer beauty is what attracted NYC New York Color to tap Demi as its global ambassador. (It also scored her a hot boyfriend!)

Since Demi seems to have it all figured out, we asked her how to live life more confidently (it’s not always easy!). And so we present her top 12 tips for being your best self, written in her very own words.

(P.S. we have intel that Demi is launching something in 2016 that will help you feel and look that much more confident!)

This Woman Looks EXACTLY Like Elsa Come to Life

Even though Frozen came out in 2013 (yes . . . really), we’re still obsessed with everything about it. It’s not just the incredible soundtrack; we can’t get enough of the intricate braids and the wintry makeup. We knew we weren’t the only ones to have a serious case of Frozen fever (sorry, had to!), but we’re really impressed by Brazilian veterinarian Andressa Damiani, who took her love of cartoons – and Elsa in particular – to the next level.

According to The Mirror, Andressa grew up being teased for her doll-like appearance, but once she reached her 20s, she embraced her looks. She now plays up her delicate features and enormous eyes with subtle makeup and contact lenses and almost exclusively wears pastel colors. This has led to complete strangers calling her Elsa in passing.

“I love when people compare me to dolls or Disney’s Elsa on the street now,” she said. “I really identify with her character.”

While you may think this is a little bizarre, Andressa believes that by ditching society’s beauty expectations, she’s become a stronger person. “Looking like a human doll has helped my self-esteem,” she explained. “Feeling pretty and confident is important and not as futile as some may think. I feel pretty this way.” Read on to see more photos of her!